4 Affordable Family Vacations for People on a Budget

4 Affordable Family Vacations for People on a Budget

The past few years have not been kind to the tourist industry. With the worldwide COVID-19 death toll now over 6 million, many of us have been unable or unwilling to travel.

The good news is that COVID is in decline. While new variants have emerged, many have traded severity for contagiousness. While you’re more likely to get some of the new strains spawned by the Omicron variant, they’ll usually be milder cases.

Now that restrictions are being lifted, people are eager to go on vacation. The big question, especially for families, is where. What are some affordable family vacations that everyone will love?

We’ll offer some choices in this article.

Affordable Family Vacations

1. Yellowstone, WY

If you’re the type who feels at home in nature, Yellowstone might be your best option. People often think of Yellowstone as the place with the big geyser, and while that’s one attraction, there are many others as well.

Yellowstone being a national park means that there’s a lot of wildlife running around, including cougars, bears, wolves, and even eagles. Several thousand bison also inhabit the park, making Yellowstone home to the largest bison population in the United States.

Yellowstone is also a great way to learn about Native American history. At least 27 distinct Native American societies lived in Yellowstone Park at some point before it was designated a National Park in 1872.

2. Washington DC

If you’re looking for affordable family trips but aren’t too fond of the great outdoors, why not visit the nation’s Capitol? Washington DC is full of things to see, from monuments to museums, to government buildings. If you have a shopper in the family, they’ll probably enjoy the National Mall.

DC can be expensive in some cases, but there are ways to lower the price. One such method is known as a ‘home exchange. Home exchange is where you swap houses with someone you know while you’re on vacation.

You can click here for more info on home exchanges ad how they work.

3. San Diego, CA

San Diego, California is home to the Padres professional baseball team, the Chargers professional football team, and the largest zoo in the entire United States.

It’s not just the zoo that’s impressive, though. This city is also home to a maritime museum, a children’s museum, a few beaches, and a Legoland theme park.

4. Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a beautiful place with pleasant weather and white sandy beaches. Of all the family vacation packages available, Myrtle Beach might be the best solely based on the activities it offers.

You’ll find theme parks and activity centers galore in this South Carolina city. Those who love going on rides will enjoy the Skywheel. This massive Ferris Wheel is almost 200 feet tall and offers a great view of the area from the top.

You can also find aquariums, and waterparks, and even take an hour-long tour on a pirate ship.

Affordable Family Vacations for Any Family

If you want to visit someplace you’ve never seen before, but don’t have a huge budget to do it, we can help. We’ve discussed a few affordable family vacation spots in this article, but there are plenty of other options to explore.

You can find more travel and lifestyle info by looking around our site.


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