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Chrome Bookmark Bar Disappeared: Solved [May 2023]

Chrome Bookmarks Bar Disappeared

You could face several issues with Chrome. From consuming excessive space on your device to slow it down, Chrome challenges you in many ways. The brand name it has should be free of any bugs. Well, there are no significant bugs with Chrome, but there are some problems for sure. Another big problem is the disappearance of the bookmarks bar on the top of your device screen. This could be annoying as you would lose the bookmarks bar without doing anything knowingly. Well, this is a general problem, and you could also be a target someday. Users usually report this issue, ‘Chrome bookmarks bar disappeared.’ If you face the same issue, no need to worry. You can easily find a solution to this problem here.

Fix Chrome bookmarks bar disappeared error

You can easily get rid of this problem. You would need to follow a few simple steps. The steps may vary for different platforms; however, the end result is the same for all. Here are the keystroke combinations that you need to follow.

For Windows and Linux: Press and hold the ‘ctrl’ + ‘shift’ keys and press ‘B’. The bar will appear on your screen again.

For Mac: Press and hold the ‘command’ + ‘shift’ keys and press ‘B’ and the bar will appear on your screen again.

Now that you know how to do it, you can also do it by choice. To get a bigger screen experience, you can remove the bookmarks bar when you don’t need it.

What if it doesn’t get fixed or keeps happening again?

If you can’t fix it with the above keystroke combinations (which is highly unlikely), you can still fix it. The only problem that users generally face here is that they don’t know the Chrome bookmark location. If you are also one of them and struggling with the same issues, worry no more. Just follow these steps.

  • Open the menu in your Chrome and open the settings
  • Search for the Appearance section
  • Click on the ‘Show the bookmark’s bar and turn it on

Well, there is no fourth step. You are done. The bookmarks bar will be back after you complete these steps.

Why does this happen?

Well, a lot of you might be confused as to why this even happened. There might be a lot of issues with Chrome, but here it is not at fault. Neither are you, but the goal is to know why it happens. The reason behind this might sound crazy, but it happens when you press the above-mentioned set of keystrokes. Yes, this sounds silly, but it is the reason in most cases.

You can even try the combination, and you would find it funny how such a thing has been bothering you. However, if you are sure this is not the case, report your problem online, and you will be guided with a suitable solution.

Not that you know everything about it, but you can disable the bookmarks whenever you need. While browsing an attractive website, you can disable the bookmarks bar to enjoy a bigger screen experience. Well, if you don’t use any of the bookmarks or even if you haven’t bookmarked anything, you can definitely disable it. These are basically of no use to you. They would just take up space in the display and make the tab look smaller.
Even if you use some bookmarks, you can toggle between the settings from time to time. It takes a few seconds to disable as well as enable the bookmark bar in chrome.

Have you ever faced this problem? Share your experience in the comment section.


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