An Overview of Travel Nursing Services

An Overview of Travel Nursing Services

Whether you are a new nurse or have been working in the field for a while, there are some essential things to know about travel nursing services. This article will explore available services, including Emergency, Pediatric, L&D, Telemetry, and Progressive Care Units. You will also learn about the different ways that you can go about finding jobs as a travel nurse.

Travel Nursing Services


Among the many career options available to nurses, a pediatric travel nursing agency offers excellent benefits, including higher pay, a more flexible work schedule, and the ability to travel to various locations. The job can also help to improve a nurse’s resume, providing a chance to gain new experiences.

Pediatric travel nurses can earn up to $8,040 per week, depending on the facility. In addition, they can also make incentives such as tuition assistance, 401(k) retirement plans, and professional support.

Pediatric travel nursing offers a unique opportunity to work in various locations, including hospitals, clinics, and outpatient clinics. While working in these settings, a nurse must have multiple skills, including excellent communication skills, understanding child growth and development, and handling stress.


ER travel nursing services provide nurses with exciting new job opportunities. They will have the chance to work in many different types of hospitals, meet new people, and build a strong network. They will also have the opportunity to make an impressive resume.

Travel nurses in the ER care for critically unwell patients. They can also handle trauma, allergic reactions, and other emergencies. They could also help with quick, minor operations.

Emergency room nurses can make a lot of money. They are usually paid more than staff nurses. Some travel nurses even receive additional compensation for their overtime hours.

Travel ER nurses can have an outstanding work-life balance. They could even do dangerous jobs. Additionally, they could get vacation time, short-term disability, and health insurance. They might even receive a generous housing subsidy.


Whether an experienced nurse or a new grad, telemetry in travel nursing services can help you grow your career, it’s a rewarding career that allows you to work with patients in some of the nation’s most elite hospitals.

As a telemetry nurse, you’ll need to keep up with the latest medical technology. You’ll monitor vitals, EKGs, and respiratory patterns. Your job will also include calculating drug dosages and monitoring patients before, during, and after cardiac procedures.

The healthcare industry is always looking for telemetry specialists. As a result, jobs for RNs are expected to grow 6 percent through 2031.

You’ll need to obtain a nursing license to become a telemetry nurse. Your state will have specific requirements. You’ll also need to complete a nursing program. A typical nursing program requires between 700 and 800 hours of clinical.

Progressive care unit

Among the most popular travel, nursing services are progressive care unit (PCU) nurses. They monitor patients’ vital signs, administer medications, and interact with therapists.

Unlike intensive care units, progressive care units are typically smaller. In addition, unlike the intensive care unit, patients do not require constant monitoring, and their stay in the PCU is often shorter. So it is because progressive care units allow nurses to step into patients’ lives when they show improvement.

In addition to working with patients, progressive care nurses may closely monitor patients receiving treatment at other facilities. Advanced care units also require nurses to be on top of their game and be able to react quickly and confidently.


Providing care to mothers and newborns is one of the most important jobs for labor and delivery nurses. In addition to helping to deliver babies, traveling L&D nurses also play a vital role in the medical treatment of newborns.

When traveling, nurses have to adjust to their new environment. They must be willing to try new duties and jobs, as well as work with a variety of different patients. While these positions offer excellent opportunities, they can also present challenges.

Because of the high demand for travel nurses, many facilities are willing to pay top dollar for them. In addition to salary, travel nurses can expect various benefits such as housing, health coverage, vacation time, short-term disability, and vision coverage.


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