6 Legit Excuses to Skip a Wedding

Skip a Wedding

Have you been invited to a distant family member’s or long-lost friend’s wedding? Does the thought of it fill you with dread? We’ve all been there when you’d rather stay home than endure a full day of awkward socializing. This is usually when the internal debate begins. Do you commit and get through it? Or do you come up with a lavish excuse and spend the day in your PJs? If the latter sounds more appealing, take a look at our six ‘legit’ excuses to skip a wedding. In this blog, you will know 6 Legit Excuses to Skip a Wedding.

Excuses to avoid marriage

1. Work commitments

Most adults appreciate that work is important. So, you could tell the happy couple that you have a super important business meeting or work deadline that you just can’t get out of. Or you’ve been put down for a shift and there’s literally no one to swap with. Tell them that you’ve tried to make it work but there’s just no way around it.

2. Sickness/Pregnancy

No one can argue with sickness. If you’ve got a virus that you could spread to the rest of the wedding guests or a nasty tummy bug, chances are the bride and groom would rather you stay at home. The last thing they’ll want is to get sick pre-honeymoon. Or, if you’re heavily pregnant, it’s perfectly legitimate to assume that you may not be able to travel or feel well enough to attend.

3. Bad weather

This is a particularly reasonable excuse if the wedding is in winter. If there’s a serious storm or heavy snow, let them know that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get there. The roads may be dangerous and public transport is likely to be canceled.

4. At another wedding/event

Another legit excuse is that you’ve already accepted an invitation to another wedding or important event on the same day. Their invite came first, and you’ve already said yes – so there’s not much you can do! The happy couple is sure to understand that it’s out of their control.

5. Money issues

Another reasonable excuse for being unable to attend is experiencing financial difficulty. Maybe you need to fork out for an unexpected emergency at home, like a boiler repair. Or perhaps you need to pay off some debts and just can’t justify splashing the cash on an expensive hotel for the weekend. After all, your credit card has been hammered lately and you need to cut back.

6. Run out of holiday at work

If the wedding is on a weekday and you want to skip a wedding, you could tell the bride and groom that you’ve already used all your holiday allowance at work so won’t be able to take the day off. If they ask if there’s any day you could swap it with, let them know that your holidays are already booked and if you change dates you’ll be fined. They’ll be sure to understand that.


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