Keeping Safe When You’re Out Alone

how to stay safe when alone

You can never be too safe when you are out by yourself. When it’s late at night, or you are in an unfamiliar place, it’s always a good idea to know how to protect yourself. Here are a few things you can do to keep safe.

Staying Safe When Alone

Carry Protection

There are many tools that you can keep with you can use for self-defense. Items such as pepper spray, a keychain dagger, or a pistol. You can purchase some of these items in stores or online, but for a gun, you need training and licensing. TN handgun carry permits are easy to get using the online course offered by Concealed Carry. If you choose to carry a gun, look for the best clothes for concealed carry so you can keep it safely tucked away.

Lock Your Car’s Doors

Whether you are parked in a lot late at night or driving down a city road, keep your vehicle’s door locked all the time. This makes it more difficult for someone to get into your ride. If you are arriving at your car, look around before unlocking the doors, and lock them again as soon as you are inside.

Be Mindful of What You Wear

Think about what you are going to wear if you know you will be alone while you are out. Some clothing items such as short skirts and high heels are difficult to run, making escaping a dangerous situation hard to do. Wearing accessories such as necklaces and scarves are easy for predators to grab onto, making you an easy target.

Keep Your Cell Phone Charged

Many people fear having their phone battery die during an emergency. Have your cell fully charged before leaving your home or car. Charging devices are also available at most electronics stores which gives you an emergency power supply if you need it. Having a phone available is an ideal way to be able to call for a ride, check in with a friend, or ring for help.

When you are planning a night in the town, be sure to consider your own safety. Prevention and preparation are kept to keep safe.


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