Fire Protection Companies

Fire Protection Companies

Fire safety measures are an important part of property safety for both commercial locations and residences. No matter if it’s your small business or your home, you want to be safe in case of an emergency. There are several steps you can take to make your property safer and reduce the damage a sudden fire can cause. Precautions can include proper extinguisher access, storage measures for important information and possessions, fire-resistant design, sprinkler systems, and safety monitoring. No matter your need or scale of protection, you need a professional fire safety company that can help you keep your property safe. Here are four top companies in the industry and what they offer.

Four Fire Safety Companies and Why They Are Experts

1. Firesafe

Firesafe is a total fire protection provider and offers assistance with fire safety consulting, installation of safety systems, proper controls, system servicing, and all aspects of fire safety. With over 800 employees they provide safety services in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Firesafe can help you be safer in a variety of ways. Some of their services include proper alarm systems, fire doors, fireproofing buildings and landscaping, extinguishing equipment, emergency lights, full testing, and more. No matter your needs, Firesafe can help. They have decades of experience and have seen many changes in the industry and remain on the cutting edge of fire safety and innovation.

2. Davis Fire Protection

Located in California, Davis Fire Protection provides fire protection services for both commercial and residential applications. They offer a full range of fire protective services including testing, repairs, installation, and emergency service. Their testing services cover all types of sprinkler systems and all the associated parts such as lines, pumps, and extinguishers. Their installation services provide a functional system custom designed to protect your property along with 24/7 monitoring, no matter if it’s a home or an office. If you need help at any time, day or night, holiday or weekend, they can help keep you safe. Davis Fire Protection strives to protect all of its customers.

3. Fire Protection Company

Fire Protection Company or FPC has been an expert in sprinkler design and innovation since 1918. The Chicago-based company offers several services to keep your home or business safe from fire. Some of their services include inspecting your existing sprinkler system, making needed repairs, and testing services. They also offer full sprinkler system installation when you need a sprinkler system or are looking to replace your old one. They offer design-build installation, meaning that any sprinkler system they install is fully code-compliant and suitable for your specific needs. They can help you with sprinkler installation from the design phase all the way to the full completion of the project.


When considering fire safety, you cannot overlook the need to protect your possessions. offers a wide selection of fireproof safes to keep items safe from heat and flames. They have a wide selection of small safes, larger safes, and storage cases. You can specify your section based on what you need to be protected, as safes are rated for paper items, digital media, DVDs, USB sticks, film, hard drives, specialized documents, batteries, and more. Another feature to consider is the time frame, as some storage devices are only rated for 30 minutes of fire exposure while others can resist heat and fire for up to two hours. Their wide selection allows you to purchase fire safety storage that fits your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Precaution and preparation are the two first steps in keeping your home or business safe from a fire. A fire protection company can help you plan and install the proper safety systems to provide the protection and peace of mind you’re looking for.


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