Finding The Right Wedding Planner- Essential Tips To Follow

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So you are getting married and you have disclosed the good news to your family and friends. Now what? You must be planning your wedding now. If yes, we would recommend you hire a wedding planner so that everything moves on towards the right track. As soon as the initial excitement of getting engaged wears off, you are supposed to organize tons of things for your big day. From choosing the right venue to dresses, every task is just so overwhelming that you feel like in urgent need of assistance from wedding planners. In this blog, you will know about Finding The Right Wedding Planner- Essential Tips To Follow.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Even an average wedding requires more than 100 hours of planning. Just think about how much struggle you have to go through if you are the bride-to-be and want to arrange a mega event for yourself. Working with a professional can be a big help to you. Finding the best wedding planners also feels like a job as you come across countless options. This is the step-by-step guide that helps you immensely in finding the right planners for your event. 

Know About Your Needs:

“What do I need from my wedding planner?”- this is the first question that you need to ask yourself before you start your hunt for finding the right planner for you. Like if you want them to manage the big stuff only or do you want an assistant 24/7 by your side? Depending upon the size of the job, you would be able to shortlist a few companies, and then it would be easier for you to hire the best among them. 

Research Your Area:

Doing research in your local area is important because it makes their availability easier. On the other hand, if you plan to hire a wedding planner from any other state or even a city, you will have to bear their travel and accommodation charges too. To check the detailed profiles of prospective wedding planning companies, you can check their websites and the photos of the recent weddings they have covered. While analyzing those pictures, you must notice if there is cohesion between colors, décor, and lighting. In case, if all of their photos are over the top, you can shortlist their name. 

Utilize Your References:

Whether you want to get a new haircut or it is a new dress you want for yourself, you would love to take recommendations from your peers. There is nothing like a personal reference as the person who refers to a particular service has firsthand experience with the. Again, when you start your search for finding the best wedding planners, do not forget to utilize your resources. Turn to your family, friends, and colleagues and you will be astonished to get a number of quality leads. You can even ask your online friends for the purpose. 

Reach Out To Your Best Picks:

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Now, when you are done with the shortlisting of the clients, it is right to make some phone calls. Reach out to your top picks first and ask them questions to know about their detailed services. You can call them one by one, just to have a better idea of who they are and what they do. Before you hire any one of these wedding planning companies, you must know what exclusive services they can provide to you. If everything sounds good during that conversation, go ahead and ask them to arrange a meeting. 

Get Ready For The Meeting:

You must have a vision of how your wedding event should look like. To discuss that vision it is highly imperative for you to arrange an in-person meeting with a planner you are about to hire. It would give you a fair idea if that person is capable of actualizing your imagination or not. You can also bring your Pinterest & Insta picks for the purpose. Also, if you have any magazine tear-outs or photos, bring them along when you are meeting with your prospective wedding planners for the first time. This way, you can let them know in a better way what exactly your demand is. From their responses, you can analyze what they will bring to the table, in case you hire them.

Prepare Your Questions:

As soon as you schedule a meeting with your potential wedding planner, wear your gear and start preparing for the right questions. You must question in a way that all your concerns are properly answered. If you go unprepared, you will not be able to extract the much-needed information. Even if you want to get some additional reassurance, be confident to ask them. Most of these planners would be happy to oblige. 

Talk About Budget:

As much as you hate it, this is one of those important wedding planning steps that you simply cannot afford to ignore. Your wedding planner is also your financial adviser in most cases as he has to deal with all the financial dealings. Sit down with your planner and discuss your budget. The budgeting varies according to your choices and the standards you are looking for. Also, include the service cost of your wedding planner in the budget. 

Seal The Deal:

When you are done with at least five one on one meetings with your potential wedding planners, it is time to compare and contrast their services and prices. The deal you find the best among all, immediately get it sealed. Give them a call and tell them that you want to move forward and have a contract with them. Upon signing the contract, maybe you would have to pay a small deposit. Once you are done with all these formalities, it is time to sit back and relax because you have hired a wedding planner and he or she will organize the event for you. 

Bottom Line!

When you are about to sign a contract with Right Wedding Planner, do not forget to read it in detail, no matter, how boring you find to weed through its pages. If in doubt, stop and ask. Following these tips would definitely help you find the best planner for your big day.


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