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Why You Should Replace Your Roof in Winter

Replace Your Roof

There are times when you need your roof replaced. It does not happen much but some damages can lead to roof replacement instead of roof repair. For example, if you are waiting for summer to replace your roof but the weather has changed suddenly and you cannot wait for more, then you should hire professionals and get your roof replaced regardless of the cold weather. The reason for rushing the roof replacement is to ensure that the weather does not cause more damage to the already damaged roof. Excessive damage can affect your entire home and lead to fatal disasters. Your home security and protection should always be your first priority. This article will tell you Why You Should Replace Your Roof in Winter.

Replacing Roof in Winter:

Before hiring a contractor, surf the market and discuss the roof replacement with recommended contractors. Some of them will advise you to wait as in their opinion, the roofs should not be replaced in winter or very low temperatures. They will give justify their opinion by backing it up with facts like the adhesives cannot seal properly in cold weather. The reasoning may sound logical; however, it is not necessary that it is accurate. The roofing materials do not stop working in extremely cold temperatures.

However, when you come across a professional and highly experienced Residential and Commercial Roofing Company in Rockland NY, they will tell you that roof replacement in winter can be beneficial for your roof’s longevity.

Roof with Asphalt Shingles:

The majority of the houses in New York have asphalt shingles roofs. These shingles are placed and joined using a strip of sealant, commonly referred to as glue or adhesive, and it interacts with warmer temperatures. Upon interaction, the adhesive automatically seals the shingles due to a combination of heat and pressure. Moreover, shingles are nailed to prevent their structure from curling up. The question is, how to manage asphalt shingles in winter? If your hired contractor comes with vast experience, his team can manage the shingles in winter. Even in cold temperatures, the team can hand-seal the shingles using the sealant and ensure that the shingles are bonding properly.

Simply, the crew cannot depend on weather and natural heat to activate the seal. Hand-sealing the shingles will take longer but it ensures that all the shingles are properly sealed individually. No shingle is overlooked, hence, the hand-sealed shingle roof lasts longer.

Necessary Tools:

Necessary Tools

Your contractor and the roofing crew have a variety of tools for roof replacement. Highly experienced teams have advanced tools available for use. Some of these tools are affected by the temperature e.g. nail guns. The nails should be properly driven and installed flush with the shingle. These should not be under-driven or overdriven. Members of the roofing crew working on the nails would have to pay extra attention when setting the depth adjuster of the nail on the gun. He will also need help in monitoring the humidity present in the roofing system which can affect the installation process.

The credibility of The Crew:

Roofing contractors play an important role in getting your roof replaced. Your contractor must have a team of highly experienced professionals who have a vast knowledge of the roof, hand-sealing, following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, sealant guidelines, and temperature requirements. The companies which are offering low rates during the winter season should not be hired for your roof replacement. The reason is, companies which do not have a good experience of working in winter are the ones who reduce their rates.

On the contrary, the companies possessing a high experience of working in all kinds of weather normally stay busy round the whole year. Moreover, there are other things that should not be forgotten when hiring a contractor in winter. The most important one of these is the fact that the crew working on your roof has human beings who can be affected by the harsh weather. You should not compromise your morale and humanity. You should also not expect them to complete the work within the given deadline if the weather gets more intense. The coldest temperatures affect the working conditions and slow down the process. The risks associated with working outside in freezing weather are hazardous. Though the crew is covered in winter jackets, special boots, hats, and pants, however, all these layers increase the weight they have to drag around. Roof replacement in intense cold temperatures is physically demanding. Therefore, you should not hire a team in uncomfortable temperatures. If you cannot stand in freezing weather for 5 minutes, understand that the crew will be unable to work unless the temperature gets better.

The reputable companies deliver high-quality roof replacement that lasts for years, even decades. If you are getting your roof replaced in winter then you should only work with a highly experienced and reputed roofing company.


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