Who is Misty Loman and Where is She Now? [May 2023]

Misty Loman

Misty Loman was a topic of discussion when her mugshots went viral on the internet. Loman’s mugshots revealed her dark side and the side effects (risk) of meth addiction. She was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green.

In this article, you will know how her life became a trending topic for the rest of the world.

About Her life?

According to several claims, it is being said that she was born in 1979 in the town of Bowling Green. There’s no such detail about her relationship, but according to the media, she was married to Gary Glass Jr., But it is still unclear whether they are still together.

Unlike their husband, her two sons, Corey and Jacob, supported their mother greatly. Her kids used to help her. Misty Loman’s mother, Joan Smith, also greatly supported her daughter.

According to reports, Misty Loman is a drug addict and the reason why she started taking drugs is that she lost three of her children. One of her children died in her womb when she was pregnant with twins. Her second child died when the child was only a month old.

It was excruciating for a mother who lost her children. So to cope with the pain, she turned into a drug addict.

How did Misty go viral?

She went viral when a Wisconsin sheriff named Adam Bieber issued a series of mugshots. Her viral photos and videos clearly show she is a meth addict and has been arrested for drug use. The sheriff’s purpose for sharing her pics was to prevent others from consuming meth. The sheriff wants the world to know the harmful effects of meth.

After seeing Misty Loman like that, people want to know about her life and where she is now. She became limelight for many people.

It is also being said that before Misty went viral, she went in and out of jail fifteen times.

Misty’s Online Supporters

After Misty Loman’s mugshots went viral, she made some friends. Some people started demanding the media take down those pics as if they were someone’s personal life. Some people got crazy and began to speak out in favour of Misty Loman when they saw her images circulated on the internet.

Her online supporters explained to others to raise awareness of Misty Loman’s condition as she had bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma.

What is the leading cause behind her appearance?

Scleroderma is the leading cause behind Misty Loman’s appearance. Scleroderma is a disease with no cure and causes skin tightening and hardness. Doctors use various treatments to ease the condition and promote a good quality of life.

She had bone cancer. Chemotherapy treatment contributed to her hair loss. In July 2019, Misty Loman claimed that the drugs she found were because of nausea; it was when she got arrested. Sickness can be caused by stress, anxiety, and migraines, but it is said that chemotherapy’s most common side effect. But it is difficult to have a quality life with such a disease.

Misty Loman suffered from various life-threatening diseases, which Adams failed to mention. Because of that, she had to face online bullying and ridiculous comments from people. People assumed that her appearance was the result of her choices.

misty loman now

Where is Misty Loman’s now? Has she recovered?

According to the sources, Misty Loman has recovered and is still alive. She used to say she had no hope of surviving; she would lose her life soon. But by the grace of God, she persisted.

She used to say that her intentions were not to be a drug addict, but she just wanted to get high until she died.

Her kids and family wanted her to quit drugs and even begged her to get help. She was also granted long-term treatment for her situation by the judge of her case. She got motivated when she saw people’s faith in her. After that, she started believing in life and gave her life to Christ.

Misty Registered for Long-term treatment at the “Sisters in Sobriety” Centre and Recovered Completely.

She devoted her life to God and started her treatment. After almost two years of therapy and dedication, she got free from her drug addiction. She used to say God helps in your weakest moment. Just believe in prayers.

To support and encourage Misty, people on Facebook have formed groups. They also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her medication and rehabilitation.

Misty’s Facebook timeline is full of photos in which you can see the change. You can see Misty enjoying her life with her family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What was the reason behind the Misty Loman look?

Scleroderma is the main reason behind Misty Loman’s appearance. The disease causes skin tightening and hardness. To improve the quality of life, doctors use various treatments to give relief as there is no cure.

Q2. Why did Misty Loman get arrested?

In July 2019, Misty Loman was arrested for drug possession. Misty claimed that she was taking drugs because of nausea, one of the main side effects of chemotherapy. As they were unaware of the misty life-threatening illnesses, she was struggling with.

Q3. Misty Loman is sober for how long?

In an interview with WBKO in October 2020, they mentioned that she has been sober for 14 months. Misty Loman also said that her children’s death was the reason behind her sickness.

What disease was Misty Loman suffering from?

She was diagnosed with several diseases, such as Lupus, Bone cancer and Scleroderma (which causes skin tightening).


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