How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die (June 2024)

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die

Jeffrey Dahmer strikes a chilling chord in the annals of criminal history, known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” and “Milwaukee Monster.” Dahmer’s gruesome acts of serial murder shocked the world during the 1980s and early 1990s.

His crimes, involving the murder, dismemberment, and even the consumption of his victims, earned him a place among the most infamous serial killers.

However, as his reign of terror came to an end, so did his life, but the circumstances of his death remain shrouded in mystery. Let’s reveal the mystery behind how Jeffrey Dahmer died in the article below.

Who was Jeffery Dahmer?

Born on 21 May 1960 and died on 28 November 1994, Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender. He was known as the Milwaukee Cannibal and Milwaukee Monster for killing and dismembering seventeen males between 1978 and 1991.

Dahmer’s crimes also include luring young men and boys to his apartment, where he would drug them, sexually assault them, and then kill them. He often engaged in acts of necrophilia and would also preserve body parts as trophies.

Some of his victims’ body parts were found in his apartment, revealing the horrifying extent of his actions. In 1991, his crimes came to light when one of his victims escaped and informed the police.

Subsequent investigations led to the discovery of evidence linking Dahmer to the murders. In February 1992, Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment. Later, his terms were increased to sixteen for an additional homicide.

On 24 November 1994, he was beaten to death by one of his fellow prisoners, Christopher Scarver, at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die?

How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die?

When Dahmer was held at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin for his alleged crimes, he was beaten to death by his fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver. According to a report, Dahmer was not the only one killed by Scarver.

Scarver also killed a murderer, Jesse Anderson, who was convicted of stabbing his wife. The report says three of them were cleaning the prison gymnasium. An argument started between them, and Scarver killed Anderson and Dahmer.

It was said he beat Dahmer with a weight bar and then killed Anderson with the same bar. After killing them, Scarver stabbed himself but survived.

Why did Christopher Scarver Kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

The reason Scarver killed Dahmer was that he had been on anti-psychotic medications in prison. And the reason behind his medications was that he was previously claimed to be a victim of racism.

In Dahmer’s victims’ history, most of them were black and Hispanic. That’s why Scarver killed him. After killing him, Scarver was sentenced to two further life sentences.

Why was Jeffrey Dahmer Sentenced to Prison?

On 17 February 1992, Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment, which is equivalent to 941 years, after being convicted of fifteen of the sixteen homicides he had committed in Wisconsin.

Later, he was sentenced to sixteen terms of life imprisonment for an additional homicide committment in Ohio. He was held at an adult male maximum-security correctional facility, Columbia Correctional Institution, in Portage, Wisconsin.

However, Dahmer’s killing spree lasted from 1978 to 1991, during which he lured, drugged, and murdered at least 17 young men. He selects vulnerable targets, often from marginalized communities, brings them to his apartment, and is subject to horrific acts of violence.

According to the police reports, Dahmer was also engaged in necrophilia and dismemberment, preserving body parts as gruesome trophies. 1978 was the year Dahmer first murdered a hitchhiker, Steven Mark Hicks, three weeks after his graduation.

He lured him to his house, where he used to assault him and kill him sexually. Apart from this, there is a long list of Dahmer’s brutal killings for which he was sentenced to prison.

How Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Life in Prison?

Dahmer served only three or four months in prison before he was killed. However, those months were marked by conflicts for him. He was held at a high-security facility where some high-profile serial killers were kept.

Dahmer was not allowed to interact with other inmates. He was only allowed to eat his meals, take classes, and do other work with other prisoners like he used to clean the prison gymnasium with Christopher Scarver and Jesse Anderson.

The gymnasium was the place where Scarver killed Dahmer and Anderson. He used to joke about cannibalism by shaping his food into body parts and spreading ketchup to make it look like blood on it.

He taunted guards and other inmates by biting his food shaped into body parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer?

 One of Dahmer’s fellow inmates, Christopher Scarver, killed him.

2. Was Jeffrey Dahmer Suffering from any Disorder?

Yes, Dahmer was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder.

3. How Old Was Jeffrey Dahmer When He Died?

Dahmer was 34 years old at the time of his death.

4. What is the Name of the Book that Tells the True Crime Story of Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer: A Terrifying True Story of Rape, Murder & Cannibalism is the book’s name showing Dahmer’s life story. It is a part of Jack Rosewood’s The Serial Killer Book series.

Wrapping Up

The death of Jeffrey Dahmer marked the end of a chapter in criminal history marred by his gruesome and horrifying actions. However, his death brought an inevitable closure to the families of his victims and a society horrified by the extent of his crimes.


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