Brandi Worley Real Story and Where is She Now? [May 2023]

Brandi Worley
  • Born: 10 November 1986 (age 35 years)
  • Husband: Jason Worley (m. 2009–2017)
  • Case Date: November 17, 2016
  • Motive: Revenge against husband
  • Conviction(s): Murder (2 counts)
  • Victims: Tyler and Charlee Worley
  • Criminal penalty: De facto life imprisonment (120 years in prison)

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Brandi Worley Story – Truths and Facts

After brutally murdering her own two children, Brandi Worley was in the limelight on every news channel. What was her reason for doing so? How can a mother do such a thing with her kids? And How did her actions affect their family?

To know why this all happened, continue reading this article.

Who is Brandi Worley?

Brandi Worley (born November 10, 1986) is a 35-year-old woman from Darlington, Indiana. Jason Worley the husband of Brandi, was a software engineer.

On November 17, 2016, Brandi Worley became the limelight on every news channel when she brutally murdered her two kids. The nation was shocked about how a mother could do such a thing with her kids.

Who were the victims?

Tyler and Charlee Worley

Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley and Charlee Rose Jean Worley were the two children of Brandi and Jason. Brandi Worley murdered her two children on November 17, 2016.

The first victim, Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley, was seven years old (born in 2009) and attended the first grade at Sugar Creek Elementary School in unincorporated Montgomery County, Indiana.

The second victim Charlee Rose Jean Worley was three years old (born in 2013) and was enrolled in the Willson Early Learning Centre preschool in Crawfordsville.

Brandi’s motive to kill her children

Tyler and Charlee Worley

One and only reason Brandi killed her kids was that her husband (Jason) filed for divorce. According to the situation, that could be the sole motive of Brandi to kill her children.

There’s no doubt that Brandi pre-planned the murder. According to the Country Prosecutor’s timeline of events, the family attended Charlee’s dance practice.

That day Tyler needed some pipe cleaners for his school project. For that, Brandi rushed to Walmart to purchase pipe cleaners. And before Brandi left for Walmart, the family returned home and had dinner.

Brandi also purchased the Kabar combat knife from Walmart, which she placed in Tyler’s bedroom. Buying and hiding that combat knife clears her pre-planned motive for the murder.

Before putting their kids to bed, Brandi and Jason played with them. Early the following day, Brandi lured Jason into Charlee’s bedroom the next morning, where he straddled and stabbed him.

After finishing Tyler, Brandi focused on killing her daughter Charlee. After Charlee woke up, “What are you doing?” was her first question during the killing. Brandi replied ‘nothing’ and told Charlee to ‘go back to sleep.’

After finishing off her children, she stabbed herself in the neck, but unlike her children, she survived. The knife stab she did to herself was not that brutal.

After finishing her two children, she called 911 to confess her crime. At that time, the 911 dispatcher asked Brandi Worley why she did so. The only reason Brandi gave to them was that my husband wanted a divorce from me, and I didn’t want him to take my kids.

Why did Jason Worley fail to save his children?

Why did Jason Worley fail in saving his children

It was a heartwarming and hopeless situation for a father. As a father, his duty was to protect his kids, but he couldn’t.

In August 2009, Jason and Brandi married. They had their first kid Tyler in 2009 and the second kid Charlee in 2013. Brandi used children to manipulate her husband (Jason) to remain married. She didn’t want her husband to file for divorce.

According to our information, Jason started suspecting Brandi of cheating when he discovered that she protected her phone with a password. At that time, Jason was unaware of Brandi’s affair with his neighbour.

Still agnostic of Brandi, Jason perused Brandi’s phone and found a flirty text on her phone. She has sent it to the neighbour building his office. Still, Jason convinced himself that the message was innocent, and he thought that her wife (Brandi) couldn’t do anything to hurt him.

But eventually, somewhere in his mind, he had a doubt. Somewhere in his mind, he speculated that his wife was having an affair. So to track Brandi’s location and read her messages, he installed software on Brandi’s phone.

That software allowed Jason to read her conversation and track her location. One day Jason read her discussion in which they declared their love and affection for each other. That conversation made him clear about her wife’s affair.

Jason confronted Brandi because of her actions and informed her that he would leave the relationship. Brandi was aware of the situation and responded that she would use his previous suicide attempt to convince authorities that he couldn’t have child custody. Jason didn’t want that to happen and wanted to have his kids with him.

The next day, Jason returned home and found the kids crying because Brandi had informed the kids that she had to move out because Jason was mad at her. Brandi was manipulating the kids in her favour.

At that moment, Jason realised that Brandi would drag the kids through hell, and if he filed for divorce, he would not get his kid’s custody. So, therefore, he kept his anger aside and begged his wife (Brandi) to stay in his life.

After all that, he realised he could do nothing to escape this situation.

Where is Brandi now after brutally murdering her kids?

brandi worley now

Brandi Worley was initially admitted to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis to treat her self-inflicted injuries. The victim’s funeral was held at the Darlington Community Centre on November 22, 2016.

On November 18, 2016, a vigil was held at Congregational Christian Church, also in Darlington. Due to Phillip, the famous YouTuber, this case gained international attention.

Philip initiated the GoFundMe campaign and encouraged people to donate to cater to the kids’ funerals and Jason’s living expenses. Surprisingly many people donated, and within a few weeks, it surpassed $50,000, and people continue donating to this day.

Into two counts of felony murder, Brandi initially pleaded guilty. When Prosecutors filed charges against her, she’d have recovered from her self-inflicted stab wounds. Under her awaited trial, Worley declared an intention to claim the insanity defence.

However, Brandi pleaded guilty to the charges in January 2018. Jason was present at the moment when Brandi entered her plea. When describing her crime to the 911 call, she was very casual. It was heart-wrenching to hear what she did with her kids. It was a very horrible incident for the whole world.

Judge Harry Siamas (March 2018) sentenced Brandi Worley to 120 years in prison. One of the judge’s statements was that sometimes there’s no explanation for such brutal acts.

Brandi was imprisoned in Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana. During her sentencing, Brandi was quiet. And now she is serving her 120 years sentence. Reports also claim that she suffers from depression and exists in an ‘unemotional’ state.


I hope all this information in this article clears all your doubts about this incident. It was a horrible incident that must not have taken place.

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