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Why Were Cornflakes Invented | Why Were Cornflakes Made [May 2023]

why were cornflakes invented

Corn Flakes are the most famous breakfast and evening cereals in the world for children to adults. It is an integral part of one’s appetite. Why was Corn Flakes invented? John Harvey Kellogg’s intention to bring Corn Flakes into existence was for creating a fresh mind, cleaning all impurities of our brain just after having a delicious bowl of Corn Flakes with milk. In the late 19th century, John Harvey Kellogg produced this cereal advertising and marketing as a “healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal.”

The most asked question is- Why were cornflakes invented?

John Harvey Kellogg was a physician and Seventh-day Adventist who firmly believed in celibacy, and sex was immoral and unhealthy for humankind. He said sex was damaging the human mind and body, so he never slept with his wife. He slept in a separate room and never consummated his marriage. All of their children were adopted.

Besides believing having sex was terrible, he thought masturbation was also sinful. Mr. Kellogg stated, “If illicit commerce of the sexes is a heinous sin, self-pollution is a crime doubly abominable.” Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life, is a famous book of Kellogg’s where he talked about the damages that masturbating can bring about, for example, bad posture, mood swings, epilepsy, acne, palpitations and attraction towards spicy dishes.

Mr. Kellogg found the solution to this problem too. He believed like meat, and spicy, rich flavor foods increased sexual desire, and foods like nuts and cereals suppress it. Thus, he decided to make a set of simple tasting breakfast foods that would help in stopping all impure thoughts, and sexual desires, and our very favourite Corn Flakes came to place. In 1894, the popular cereal Corn Flakes were made. Corn Flakes were deliberately made tasteless and bland, making them a part of an extreme diet. Kellogg was more influenced by the church’s aim than to suppress passion.

If your mind becomes fresh after having your morning cereals, then you need to thank Harvey Kellogg for his special breakfast invention.

When Were Corn Flakes Invented? – The History

John Kellogg’s younger brother, Will Kellogg, had left some cooked wheat to sit while they were away. When the brothers returned, the grain had become stale, but being under a strict budget, they continued to process by forcing rollers to obtain long sheets of dough. Kellogg found flakes instead, toasted them, and served them to patients. On August 8, 1894, this accidental invention led to a patent on May 31, 1895, called Flaked cereals, and processing of preparing the same, which was issued on April 14, 1896.

Early in his tenure at the infirmary, food manufacturers created a “health treat” for the patients that consisted of oatmeal and corn meal baked into biscuits and ground into small items. He referred to as it “granula.” This was perhaps the worst name given. A similar product with the precise same name was already being created and sold out by James Caleb Jackson. Kellogg had to change it under the threat of a suit, and the food manufacturer modified the name of his creation to “granola.”

Another of Kellogg’s nutritional innovations, developed to confirm clean intestines, was an enema machine that ran water through the internal organ bowel, followed by a pint of yoghurt— then half delivered through the mouth and the other through the anus. This one did not extremely catch on.

Later, Kellogg advanced in making many completely distinct, beautiful flaked grain breakfast bowls of cereal, including corn flakes—as healthy, ready-to-eat, anti-masturbatory morning meals. He partnered along with his brother, Will Kellogg, the sanitarium’s accountant, to create and sell them to the general public. Though his brother had less interest in dietary purity, he had additional business sense than his brother. He was upset about the fact that the product wouldn’t sell as they were. He wished to feature sugar to the flakes to create them additional tasteful. However, John wouldn’t hear of it. Will Kellogg eventually started selling cereals in the market through his own business, which became the food manufacturer Company called Kellogg; the brothers continued to feud for many years. Masturbators who are fans of cornflakes agreed that sugar was a good plan since Kellogg’s cereal does not reduce any of their passions.


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