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Raine Whispers

A captivating animated series, The Owl House weaves together magic, friendship, and self-discovery; one supporting character stands out with an air of mystery, Raine Whispers.

Portrayed as an enigmatic witch, Raine adds depth and complexity to the already rich tapestry of the Boiling Isles. But who is Raine, actually? Some believe it to be a ghost, while some believe it is from another dimension.

Let’s delve into the world of Raine Whispers, exploring background, characteristics, abilities, and role plays within the narrative of The Owl House.

Who is Raine Whispers

Who is Raine Whispers

Raine is the first non-binary Disney character in an American animated fantasy television series created by Dana Terrace, The Owl House. Raine is the Head witch, skilled in magic and music, using various spells to manipulate.

Partner of the deuterognist of the series, Eda Clawthorne, they founded a rebel group known as the Bards Against the Throne. Intending to liberate wild witches, they planned to sabotage the coven system from the inside and stop the Day of Unity.

Working under the emperor, Raine kept in line by brainwashing by drinking tea tampered with by Terra Snapdragon. Actually, Raine used to fake with his brainwashing technique. They construct a rebel cell and recruit witches to save the Boiling Isles with other Coven Heads.

After the arrival of the Day of Unity, Raine and the Coven Heads are forced to power the Draining Spell. A former antagonist of The Owl House, The Collector, later turned Raine into a puppet after the events of Day of Unity.

When did Raine Whispers First Appear in the Series?

In the seventh episode of the series’ second season, Eda’s Requiem, Raine made their first appearance. In the episode, they had a non-speaking appearance with other coven heads.

You can also witness them in an old photo from the seventeenth episode of the first season of The Owl House.

Who is the Voice Actor Behind Raine Whispers

A Latine actor, Avi Roque, voiced the Raine character in The Owl House. Avi is best known for his works in Chicago Med and Landline. He was born with a female body and later came out as transgender and non-binary.

Graduating from California State University, Fullerton, Avi is also the narrator of several audiobooks, including the New York Times Best Seller Cemetery Boys.

How to Identify Raine Whispers?

You can identify Raine in The Owl House with their medium brown skin and mint-green hair with white streaks near the bottom. They also have green eyes and darker mint-green eyebrows.

Due to Belo’s possession, Raine got scars running down their cheeks, lower right ear, and right arm. Throughout the series, Raine used to wear large round glasses, a gray earring on the right ear, and a cloak.

In the seventh episode of the series’ second season, you can see Raine wearing a long, black tunic with a maroon collar, gold trim, a brown belt, and crimson pants.

On the other hand, in the finale of the series, Raine can be seen in salmon-pink-rimmed glasses with earrings similar to Eda’s gold ones.


Raine Whispers is a shy character who struggles with making public speeches. Despite shyness, Raine is a capable leader and skilled tactician. They’re not afraid of making hard questions and choices, executing multiple raids against European Coven.

Rain is also extraordinarily selfless and determined, placidly enduring Terra’s constant mistreatment. No matter how much it may cost, Raine is willing to do anything for the cause.

However, Raine’s joking around with the Bards Against the Throne and their love of messing with Coven Scouts show their playful and fun-loving personality.

They also have the will to sacrifice themselves to take out Eberwolf and Darius Deamone in order to save all the witches and prevent the Day of Unity.

Raine Whispers Gallery

raine whispers - disney the owl house

raine whispers - disney the owl house

raine whispers - disney the owl house

raine whispers - disney the owl house

raine whispers - disney the owl house

raine whispers - disney the owl house

Power and Abilities Raine Whispers Have

1. Willpower

One of the primary powers and abilities Raine has is strong willpower. They fight back after Belos takes control of their body and forces him out of them.

2. Magic

Like all witches, Raine can also use magic, which comes from a sac of magic bile attached to their heart. With a coven leader ranking, Raine comes with various magical skills.

3. Music

As a leader of Bard Coven, Raine has the ability to use music to manipulate the world. They can take control of people and nullify spells from other witches with their music. Raine is an expert at several instruments; they can use their violin skills to cast cutting shockwaves.

4. Smokescreen Creation

Raine is capable of using a wind instrument, such as a flute, to create a smokescreen, which helps them to escape any dangerous situation.

5. Chemical Manipulation

Raine can use Bard magic, such as whistling, to alter the chemical composition of a beverage. As a coven head, Raine has the ability to neutralize a brainwashing tea under the other coven heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Raine Whispers a Girl or a Boy?

Raine is a non-binary. Even their voice actor, Avi Roque, is also a non-binary.

2. Why did Eda and Raine Break Up?

Eda was not sharing her problems with Raine, which led them to break up their relationship.

3. Is Raine Whispers Disney’s First Non-Binary Character?

Yes, Raine is the first non-binary Disney character featured on the animated television series The Own House.

Wrapping Up

In The Owl House, Raine Whispers emerges as an enigmatic character with a complex history, powers, and abilities. As a witch, they have a magical prowess, making them a formidable force within the show’s universe.

As the series unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate uncovering more layers of Raine’s character and witnessing the pivotal role played in the struggle for magical freedom.


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