Know About YouTuber Kevin Samuels’ Ex-Wife and Relationships (April 2024)

kevin samuels wife

A self-proclaimed relationship guru – Kevin Samuels, was a well-known dating couch on social media. But did you know about his self-life? His parents got split off when he was very young. What about his relationships?

In this article, we will share information about Kevin Samuel’s wife and all his other relationships.

Who was Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

A 56-year-old man born on March 13 1965, is a well-known dating consultant around the global media. Samuels was an American who used to follow Christian Religionality, and his zodiac sign was Pisces.

Kevin started his career at an office as a business development manager. According to the sources, he also worked as an internet sales representative. But one day, he decided to drop his job and started his career as a YouTuber in 2013.

Was Kevin Samuels married?

Was Kevin Samuels married

According to our information, Kevin Samuels was married twice at a very young age. On a TV show, Kevin disclosed his marriage but mentioned that both ended with a divorce. It is still unknown whether he has a son or a daughter or how many kids he has. When it comes to his family, he is very personal.

Things to Know about Kevin Samuels’s Wife

He openly mentioned that he married his high school girlfriend, but they were not compatible, so his first marriage lasted only a year.

Kevin used to say it was not a good idea to marry his high school girlfriend. Kevin also mentioned that they were not suitable as a couple but were great friends. Kevin and his first wife had one child – but the child’s identity has not been disclosed.

Then Kevin Samuels revealed his second marriage, which he had 6,7 years after his first divorce. His second marriage lasted a little bit longer than his first marriage. Everything was going well, but they had differences because they were irreconcilable. His second marriage lasted around three years.

Kevin Samuels didn’t say anything negative about his ex-wives because he had no reason to do so.

How many kids does Kevin Samuels have?

A young woman born on June 29, 2000, claimed to be Kevin Samuel’s daughter; this incident occurred in 2021. But the young woman’s identity was not disclosed.

It is said that she is one of his daughters from his previous marriages.

Her online fans did not take her claims seriously, as some thought she was doing it to come into the limelight. Her online fans thought she was making false claims. According to the reports, the daughter’s custody was with Kevin and his ex-wife.

Kevin Samuels’s other relationships

Around 2020 Kevin was linked to 29-year-old Insta model Sixfootah. She came into the limelight after this incident. No facts were given that they were really in a relationship.

After 29-year-old Instagram model Kevin Samuels was again the topic of discussion when he was spotted with model Brittany Renner. Both were seen together in November 2021 in an Instagram clip. After seeing them together, speculations were made that they were dating.

In the Instagram clip, Brittany can be seen wearing a purple jumpsuit and knee-high boots. Samuels was showing off his luxurious car when Brittany was spotted.

They both were seen together in Atlanta, Georgia, on a so-called shopping date. According to News Nation USA, it is said that Samuels was taking her to several luxury stores and onlookers. They also claimed that he took Brittany on a “shopping spree”.

After they were seen together, social media users rushed to see whether these speculations were true.

Kevin Samuel’s Death

Kevin Samuel, well known as a love guru, passed away at the age of 56. Reports claim that when he spent a night with a woman, he experienced chest pain and fell on top of her.

Beverly Samuels-Burch, the mother of Kevin Samuel, bravely confirmed his son’s death on NBC after social media was full of rumours about his death.

Kevin’s mother declined to provide any detail about Kevin’s death and how he died. But according to the Atlanta Police Department incident report, the call they got from Kevin’s apartment claimed he was experiencing chest pain.

The woman spending the night with Kevin’s Samuels called 911 and claimed he was experiencing chest pain, so please send some help.

The reports by the medical officers claim that they found Kevin on the floor of his apartment unresponsive. He was transferred to Piedmont Hospital for evaluation after EMS officials performed CPR on him.

Kevin’s mother told the outlet she found out about her son’s death on social media. Her mother was shocked to know this news from social media as she was unaware of his death.

A Georgia Medical Examiner revealed the real reason for Kevin’s Death

According to a report by a Georgia medical examiner, it has been revealed that hypertension due to high blood pressure is the real cause of Kevin Samuels’s death. His cause of death was ruled natural.

Kevin Samuel was suffering from a medical condition, ventricular hypertrophy. Under this condition, Samuels had thicker-than-normal heart chambers — specifically the left and right ventricles.

In his toxicology reports, a drug named amiodarone was found to treat hypertension and abnormal heart rhythms.

According to estimates, almost 55% of black Americans suffer high levels of hypertension, which afterwards become the most common cause of death.

FAQS related to Kevin Samuel’s life

1. What’s Kevin Samuel’s marital status?

Kevin Samuel is a 56-year-old handsome man. Being a well-known love guru, one must also have his house in order. But things don’t go well for Kevin Samuel. According to the information, Kevin was married twice and divorced.

According to rumours, he dated a 29-year-old Insta model Sixfootah and was spotted with model Brittany Renner.

2. How did Kevin Samuels get into the limelight?

He came into the limelight when he started his career on YouTube. Within two years, he became a YouTube sensation. His videos got thousands of views and likes. In the new Black Manosphere, he is considered to be a standout.

3. What was Kevin Samuel’s net worth?

Kevin Samuel’s net worth was around 4$ Million.

4. Who does Kevin Samuels date?

Kevin Samuel was making a lot of money through YouTube. According to the MTO news, he was spending money on his new girlfriend, Brittany Renner. According to various sources, they were spotted on a shopping date.


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