Where is Casey Anthony Now After Death of Her Daughter Caylee (March 2024)

Casey Marie Anthony

What really happened that Casey Anthony became the National headline of the country? In 2008, a young Florida girl Caylee Anthony was found dead, in which her mother, Casey Anthony, was acquitted of her death in 2011.

Where is Casey Anthony now? It is fascinating to know what the 35-year-old Casey Anthony is doing with her life. Keep reading this article to know.

Who is Casey Anthony

Who is Casey Anthony?

On March 19, 1986, Casey Anthony was born in Warren, Ohio. She came into the limelight in 2008 when she was accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, in Florida.

Basic Information

Full nameCasey Anthony
Date of Birth19-Mar-86
BirthplaceOrlando, Florida, United States of America
Age36 years
OriginUnited States of America
EthnicityNot known
Zodiac SignNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandNot Known
ProfessionNot Known
Net Worth$10,000


Father’s nameGeorge Anthony
Mother’s nameCindy Anthony
DaughterCaylee Anthony
SiblingsNot known

Body Stats

Height in cm157 cm
Height in m1.57 m
Height in inches5 feet 2 inches
Weight in Kg54 kg
Weight in pounds119.05 lb
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurements33-24-35

Educational Background

School NameUnknown
College NameUnknown

Favourites and Hobbies

Favourite ActorTom Cruise
Favourite ActressJennifer Lawrence
HobbiesTravelling, Reading books
Favourite foodItalian
Favourite place for vacationParis

Social Media


Casey came into the limelight after she was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony

On July 15, 2008, the story got heated when Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony, informed the police that her granddaughter had been missing for 31 days. They were living in Orlando, Florida, from where Caylee got missing.

According to Casey’s father, George Anthony, Caylee was with Casey when she left home on 16 June 2008. But Casey claimed that she was too busy with her work assignment and her daughter was with a babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez’s Zanny, which turned out to be a lie.

casey anthony case

Investigation shows that a woman named Zenaida exists, but it does not show that she had ever met Casey, Caylee or any other family member. Once George went to the town yard to recover Casey’s car and found a strong smell coming out from the trunk of the car.

Later, he believed the smell must come from a decomposing body. However, George found only a bag of trash in the trunk. At that time, Casey confirmed that her daughter had been missing for 31 days.

It also confirmed that the smell of a decomposed body from the trunk was none other than Caylee. After seeing the decomposed remains in Casey’s car, she was suspected to be the murderer.

What really happened to Caylee Anthony? Different Stories

According to the defence lawyer, Caylee drowned in the family pool during the daytime, and Casey and George Anthony were unaware that she was in the pool. When they found Caylee’s body in the pool, they panicked and tried to cover her death.

But on the other hand prosecution’s lawyer painted a different series of events; according to him, Casey used chloroform on her daughter and tried to suffocate her by putting duct tape over the toddler’s mouth and nose.

The jury deliberated on Casey Anthony for ten hours during her trial. Casey Anthony was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse, and four misdemeanour charges.

The law enforcement officer charged her with four misdemeanours for providing false information and hiding the truth.

According to the investigation of Detective John Allen

Detective John Allen is a former sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigations division.

Both the detective officers supervised the investigation into the death of Caylee Anthony. But Detective Yuri Melich initially believes that Caylee was probably being hidden somewhere from her grandparents. The consternation between Cindy and Casey can be why she hid Caylee’s body.

When the detective officers towed the car to the forensics bay, it smelled like a dead body. At first, they did not believe it, but when they listened to the 911 tape, they knew we were looking for a live child.

When detective Melich was doing the arrest paper, Casey Anthony sat with her. Casey Anthony had no guilt as a parent who lost children; she was behaving differently. The detective also mentioned that Casey only talked about her wishes to be a personal trainer. All the conversations were about Casey; as a parent, she didn’t talk about her missing child.

As you know, in any interrogation, you try to extract as much truth as possible and give them a reason to tell the truth. They tried hard to remove the fact from her, but there was no difference.

What does the Medical Examiner have to say about the situation

who is casey anthony

According to Dr Jan Garavaglia, retired chief medical officer for Orange and Osceola counties, looking back ten years, what was appealing was not the truth and how the lies were allowed were not even backed up by any evidence.

It had been happening for more than ten years, and it was the first time he had to deal with it in society. According to him, truth doesn’t matter; if you even tell lies loud enough, people will start believing you.

As a medical examiner, it is not acceptable. We must examine the body and come up with the actual cause, why, how and manner of death. We can’t put our thoughts based on the autopsy or what just the body shows. We deeply examine the scene, the circumstances at the time, and what’s going on preceding the death.

And we are examining a case of a child who is not reported missing. The grandmother filed the missing report, and no one knew where the child was and what had happened to the child.

The body of the child has been hidden. The body was thrown behind a rotting log a couple of blocks from her house, but before throwing, the body was put in two plastic bags and then in a canvas bag. Duct tape is also used that’s still present on Caylee’s face.

Seeing those things together made it clear that this was a homicide. No proof can change the Prosecutor’s mind or prove that it is an accidental death.

In Caylee’s Anthony case, science took a backseat to the truth because no evidence was shown that it was an accidental death.

Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony, also shared her thoughts on the murder

Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, In a rare interview on Investigation Discovery’s Crime Scene Confidential, Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, says that she hired an investigator who helped to recover the body of her granddaughter.

In March 2022, Alina Burroughs said, I know you guys want to know everything about her. Alina also noted that she was unaware of how her mother, Cindy would react as she was a prosecution witness. But the interview gave her some closure, and she was very gracious.

Why did Casey Anthony come into Limelight again in 2021?

She again got into the limelight in May 2021 after she was involved in a massive brawl. According to the sources, she brawled with a lady with whom she shared an ex. Reportedly, drinks were thrown at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in West Palm Beach in, Florida, over the weekend.

According to a police report from TMZ, things got out of hand when Casey said a lady named Thelma Moya spilt a drink on her leg.

The reports state that a long-standing feud between them started because they came into an argument. After all, they both dated the same man at the same time. Casey gave all the information that the officers had.

The police officers wanted Casey to restrain the order, but Casey didn’t want to do so; she refused to do what the officers said and enjoyed the documented incident.

When cops arrived, Moya was not arrested or even at the scene. Two years ago, TMZ notes Casey was spotted in the same bar.

Where is Casey Anthony Now?

Where is Casey Anthony Now

She started Writing a book about her life

According to a source, in March 2020, Casey began writing a detailed story about what happened in her life, the tragedy of losing Caylee, and everything that happened after that. She wanted to write a detailed story of her life.

However, she knows she will be under controversy after releasing her book, and whatever she does will face criticism. But she wanted to bring her real story in front of an audience that had never been told. By the time information was disclosed, she had already written three chapters of her life.

Began Photography Business

Around 2016, Casey started her own photography business but was unsuccessful. Casey received more queries about the trial than her business, so the venture soon folded. She used to say that nobody else has lived it, so no one can tell it better than me.

Launched a Private Investigation Firm

According to the Daily Mail report, To help those facing serious legal charges and can’t afford an investigation team, In 2020, Casey launched a private investigation firm in Florida.

She launched a private investigation firm because she knows what it’s like to be accused of something she didn’t do. She wants to help the people who are wrongfully accused, especially women.


Her main motive for doing so was to help them get justice. The source also claims that a private investigation firm launched by her had nothing to do with her case.

Announced a Movie based on her life

In June 2019, Casey Anthony announced she was working on a film based on her life and her daughter Caylee’s death. She also mentioned that the movie is called As I Was Told because I’d done what I was told to do.

Casey Anthony mentioned in an interview with the Daily Mail that she had to put on a fake persona throughout those 31 days of the movie.

A source told People in September 2020 that the movie hasn’t really gotten off the ground and stopped because of the coronavirus. However, it’s effectively dead.

Casey is trying their best to stay out of the public eye. You can see her enjoying her life and partying. A separate source close to Casey told people she believes she has done her penance.

Is She Dating anyone?

Now she is meeting new people and dating, and you can see her creating a new social life. Although Casey is trying to have a life partner again.

There were rumours that Casey was allegedly in a relationship with a bar worker, Antony Karagiannis. Antony even doesn’t care about her past. He was from Michigan but moved down south after graduating from Palm Beach State College.

Antony mentioned in an interview that he broke up with his long-term girlfriend to be in a relationship with Casey Anthony. Now, there is no information regarding whether Casey and Antony are together or broken up.

Frequently asked questions related to Casey Anthony

Where did Casey Anthony use to live?

As of 2017, Casey Anthony used to live with a private detective(Patrick McKenna) who worked as a lead investigator on her daughter’s death case in 2017. They both were living in South Florida.

What is Casey Anthony’s net worth?

Casey Anthony has tried to maintain an everyday life after being acquitted in the murder trial of her daughter. She tried to keep a low-profile life. According to Celebrity’s net worth, her total net worth is estimated to be $10,000.

What is Casey Anthony Doing Now?

She worked as a researcher, but in 2016 she tried to start her own photography business named Case Photography LLC. She also created a Twitter account for her photography company. But soon, she had to delete that account because she received questions and inquiries about her trial.

In December 2020, Casey launched a private investigation firm in Florida. She named her investigation firm Case Research & Consulting Services LLC.

What did jurors say about her case?

According to one of the male jurors, it was his most challenging decision to acquit Casey Anthony, still impacting him ten years later, on May 20, 2021. If he had to convict her today, he would have sentenced her to lesser charges like aggravated manslaughter or child abuse.


We have provided you with all the information about Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony’s death. For more such suspense thriller articles, keep following our website’s celebrity and gossip section regularly.


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