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Alabama Luella Barker Bio, Wiki and Everything to Know

Alabama Luella Barker is a 16-year-old famous social media star, singer and model. Also, she is the daughter of a well-known drummer, Travis Barker and an American model, Shanna Moakler.

Being a social media influencer, Alabama has a massive fan following over Tik Tok. But Why did the Alabama Tik Tok account get banned? Why did she have to face this online criticism? Why were fans not happy with her? This article will teach you almost everything about Alabama Luella Barker and her criticism story.

Who is Alabama Luella Barker?

Alabama Luella Barker is a famous American singer, model, social media influencer, and TikTok star. She’s also a renowned entrepreneur from California, United States.

Alabama as a teenager, finds her spotlight to shine. She was born on December 24, 2005; as a 16-year-old kid, she has a lot to learn. Her father, Travis Barker, is also a famous social media star.

Alabama completed her High school graduation from a local private high school in California. She grabs attention through her Tik Tok account. But soon, it got banned. Keep reading this article to know why.

The reports show she is 5 feet tall and 6 inches. She is a Capricorn, which means she must be ambitious, sensitive and persistent.

According to sources, Alabama started practising music and modelling when she was young. Now, she is a singer like her father and a model like her mother.

Alabama Luella Barker Basic Information

Full nameAlabama Luella Barker
NicknameAlabama Barker
Date of Birth24-Dec-05
Age16 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Marital StatusNot Married
ProfessionSinger, Social Media Influencer, Model
Net Worth$1 Million
Tv ShowsMeet the Barkers (2006)
E! Live from the Red Carpet (2016)
Kids React (2018)
Known For. The Kardashians (2022)
SongsOur House (2017)
Mistletoe (2018)
Heartbreaker (2018)


Father’s nameTravis Barker
Mother’s nameShanna Moalker
AuntMichelle Tucker
BrotherLandon Asher Barker
Step SisterAtiana De La Hoya

Body Stats

Height in cm167 cm
Height in m1.67 m
Height in inches5 feet 6 inches
Weight in Kg58 Kg
Weight in pounds128 lb
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Body Measurements30-24-33

Education Background

School nameLocal Private High School in California
College nameNot Known

Social Media Accounts

InstagramAlabama Luella Barker
FacebookNot known

Alabama’s Barker’s Family

travis barker daughter

If we talk about her family, there is no one in the world who does not know about her family. She belongs to a well-known celebrity family. Her dad Travis Barker is a famous American musician who served as the drummer for the well-known rock band Blink-182.

On the other hand, her mom is also a famous American actress, model and reality television personality. Moreover, Alabama’s siblings are also notable, including her older brother, Landon Asher Barker, who is a singer.

Alabama also has a stepsister named Atiana De La Hoya, the daughter of Shanna Moakler and her ex-husband, Oscar De La Hoya. Various sources say that Alabama loves spending time with her parents and siblings.

In 2008, Unfortunately, her father, Travis and mother, Shanna got separated for some reasons. It all started after the rumours regarding Travis spending time with Paris Hamilton came to the news.

It says that there was a heated conversation between Shanna and Paris. Even Shanna has allegedly punched her in the jaw. However, Travis also accused Shanna of having an extramarital affair.

In exchange, Shanna also accused Travis of cheating on her. The argument got so heated that they both were even arrested for threatening each other. Lastly, they didn’t file any cases against each other and got separated peacefully.

After getting separated from Shanna, Travis began dating Kourtney Kardashian, a famous reality star. You must have seen her in various reality shows. After two years of relationship, Travis and Kourtney finally got engaged on 17 October. Then on 15 May 2022, they both got happily married also.

Now Travis Barker is sharing his life with Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney Kardashian used to share her children with her ex-partner Scott Disick, and her three kids Reign, Penelope and Mason.

The families were seen together multiple times, and Kourtney and Travis’s children seemed to get along well. Earlier this year, both families were seen on a trip to Disneyland, where they were seen enjoying themselves together and having fun. Recently, Travis Barker was seen on Penelope’s TikTok account also.

Let’s talk more about her parents.

Who Is Travis Barker – Alabama Luella Barker’s Father

Who Is Travis Barker

On November 14, 1975, a well-known American musician, Travis Landon Barker, was born. He is known as the best drummer for the rock band Blink-182.

His name has various achievements, and he founded the rock bands +44 and Box Car Racer. He has collaborated with various hip-hop artists and is one of the rap rock group Transplants members.

Travis was among the 100 greatest drummers of all time, and Rolling Stone referred to him as punk’s first superstar drummer.

In 2008 Travis Barker was involved in a plane crash but soon recovered. After recovering, he released his debut solo album “Give the Drummer Some”. Travis also owns a clothing company Famous Stars and Straps. Co-designed products are made in his name by various famous companies such as DC Shoes and Zildjian cymbals.

Who Is Shanna Lynn Moakler – Alabama Luella Barker’s Mother

Shanna Lynn Moakler

On March 28, 1975, Shanna Lynn Moakler was born in Rhode Island, US. She is a well-known Actress, reality television star and American model.

Shanna is known for her achievements, like winning the Miss New York USA pageant and becoming the first runner-up in Miss USA. Moakler started modelling at a very young age. She also appeared in some famous television series like Pacific Blue and Met the Barkers.

Shanna is also known for hosting E! ‘s Bridalplasty. According to an announcement, she joined the cast of the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes in January 2014.

Moakler’s private life is more discussed in the media, and people are more interested in her personal life than her professional life. The press is discussing her relationship with rock singer Billy Idol, Olympic champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya and Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid.

Alabama Luella Barker Career

alabama barker tiktok

From a very early age, Alabama dreamed of becoming a famous singer and model like her parents. That’s why she began practising music and modelling when she was very young.

Like her father, Travis Barker, she always wanted to become a famous singer and wanted to gain that level of fan following. In 2017, she released her two singles, Our House and Heartbreaker.

With a popular television show, Meet the Barkers, Alabama, Luella Barker began her acting career along with her parents and two elder siblings. The show’s storyline was generally based on the day-to-day life of the Barker family, which is why its name is Meet the Barkers.

Alabama also appeared in other Tv shows like Kids React and E! Live from the Red Carpet. She is also a brand ambassador of many renowned brands for which Alabama used to do some promotions on her Instagram account.

Recently, she claimed to be a brand ambassador of a fast-fashion retailer, Pretty Little Things. The brand mainly focuses on fashion things for 16 to 42 years old women.

According to the resources, Alabama is running a Youtube channel named Alabama Barker, where she used to upload vlogs and release her music videos.

Alabama Luella Barker’s Net Worth

However, she doesn’t even need to work because she’s already enjoying the massive net worth of her parents, $40 million from her father and $15 million from her mother.

But still, she chose to work hard, become independent, and build her own net worth of $1 million in 2022. Her net worth graph is impressive. In 2017, she began with $0.05 million worth, and now she stands on $1 million worth.

Why Did Alabama Luella Barker Get Banned from TikTok?

Why Did Alabama Luella Barker Get Banned from TikTok

Famous drummer Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama Luella Barker got banned from tiktok. Why? According to the sources, she got banned after she violated several community guidelines.

Alabama received immense hate for dancing suggestively in front of her father, Travis Barkers. You can no longer see her main TikTok social media account even when you search for her tiktok account. A message will pop out whenever you go to her profile saying the account has been banned for violating the community guidelines.

Her TikTok profile no longer shows us her follower count, likes, or posts. But it doesn’t mean that she is not posting stuff. Alabama is now actively posting on her Instagram account.

What is the reason behind Alabama receiving hate from her followers?

It didn’t stop Alabama from getting banned from Tik Tok. She received a lot of hate and online backlash from her fans. It’s because they found her attire inappropriate and started commenting on her parenting.

You can see teenagers and youngsters often supporting short dresses and heavy makeup. But when a video of dancing Alabama Luella Barker wearing low-waisted skinny jeans and an open leather jacket, which exposed her lingerie, got viral, her followers got offended.

In that video, she was with her father. Alabama continued dancing in front of her father for her TikTok clip. That’s why she received several comments about her dressing sense, parenting, and people showcased disappointment.

“I am Tired of People using me….”- Why Alabama Luella Barker made this statement on social media.

As a 16-year-old, she was also shy to share her thoughts and open up to fans on social media platforms. Once in a late-night post, she shared that she was tired of people using her. Alabama shared various posts that were related to that only.

A few days back, Alabama shared a snap of herself wearing a red robe with her eyes closed, and she captioned, “I get tired of people using me, be loyal, or you lose me.”

Fans started comforting Alabama when they learned that she hated being alone. One of her fans wrote to her, Are you okay? And another wrote. We are there for you.

After Alabama received hate for her vulgar dance video with her father, Travis also faced a lot of criticism for allowing his daughter to wear such clothes.

Alabama used to claim she was the new Brand Ambassador for Pretty Little Thing – a fast-fashion retailer. This fashion retailer was aimed at 16 to 42-year-old women.

In the post, Alabama wore white lace-up boots, a pink shirt, and a denim jacket to promote that fashion retailer. For that, Alabama was not appreciated, and fans started trolling her. People started doubting her age.

But once Alabama revealed how she deals with criticism and hate comments. She mentioned on her Instagram account that people are full of negativity and are trying to maintain distance from such people. She is trying to focus on her goals and never let people get power over her energy or control her life.

Does Alabama have any boyfriends?

Alabama is an open-minded girl who doesn’t hesitate to reveal her personal life. When it comes to whether she has a boyfriend, there is no information found regarding this on the internet. So we can say that Alabama is single and not dating anyone.

However, recently a video of her dancing with a male got viral on the internet. Everyone starts thinking that he is her boyfriend, but it is still a rumour. There is no confirmation around this.

When we went through Alabama’s Instagram account, we found that she is very close to her family and friends and loves to hang out with them. She used to share many photos and lip-sync videos of herself with friends and colleagues.

Frequently asked questions related to Alabama Luella Barker

Q1. What is Alabama Luella Barker’s net worth?

In 2022, the estimated net worth of Alabama is around $1 million.

Q2. What is Alabama Luella Barker’s relationship status?

There’s no such detail of Alabama dating someone.

Q3. From where did Alabama get her name?

Alabama’s full name is Alabama Luella Barker. In a famous YouTube show, Travis revealed that Alabama’s name was picked from the True Romance character Alabama Whitman.

Travis also mentioned that it was his favourite movie, so he named her daughter Alabama.

Q4. When did Alabama Luella Barker release her debut single?

In 2017 Alabama Barker released her debut single, “Our House”. ‘Our House’ was a combined project co-written by Alabama, her father Travis, Rachel West and John Feldmann.

Alabama mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she got the confidence from her father’s music tours. Her father always used to teach her about music.


We hope you got enough information regarding the Alabama Luella Barker and her criticism story. Even though her parents are enormous personalities and have a massive fan following, whatever Alabama has earned in her life is on her own.

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