Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri



September 21, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, last Tuesday, 12 September 2017, in Buenos Aires, met with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and made the following remarks:

“Thank you President Macri, Mauricio, my friend.

I’m honored to be the first acting Israeli Prime Minister to visit Latin America. This is a historic moment for us. It’s incredible that in the 70 years of Israel’s existence, no Israeli Prime Minister visited any country in the western hemisphere south of the United States. And we are beginning here the dawn of a new era, and not accidentally we began it here in Argentina with you, Mr. President.

We have a human bridge between our two countries, between Argentina and Israel, this is the Jewish community of Argentina, one of the largest in the world, a very proud community, that contributes much to Argentina, and may I say, 100,000 Jews from Argentina who came to Israel have contributed much to our own society in every field. This is the human bridge that will help in everything that we’re talking about – how to move our relationship, our friendship, to even higher levels. This community has undergone two traumatic experiences in the bombings that took place in Buenos Aires in the Israeli embassy and then in the AMIA center, and it emerged stronger than before.

We understand that this terrorism attacks everyone – in Barcelona, in Berlin, in Manchester, in London, in Paris, in every country around the world terrorism strikes, and just as the attacks are indivisible, the response should be indivisible. In the case of Iran, it is not merely terror, it’s also the quest for nuclear weapons that concerns us, and should concern the entire international community. We understand the dangers of rogue nations having atomic bombs.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Argentinian President Macri also signed a series of agreements:

1. A public security agreement: The goal of the agreement is to deepen and enhance cooperation between the police and other authorities of the two countries in thwarting and uncovering criminal offenses and in identifying their perpetrators mainly through the exchange of strategic and operational information as well as via direct cooperation between the authorized agencies at all levels. The agreement reflects the governments’ willingness to advance their interests through an awareness of the advantages of international cooperation as an important element in thwarting organized crime and in the effective struggle against it, and in protecting their populations, assets and interests against threats. The agreement is subject to ratification.

2. A social insurance agreement: The goal of the agreement is to develop and deepen the friendly relations between the two countries and organize cooperation in the field of social insurance such as old age pensions, support payments for the temporarily disabled, maternity payments, etc. The agreement is subject to ratification.

3. A customs agreement: The goal of the agreement is to provide mutual assistance in order to ensure the proper application of customs laws, the precise estimation of customs duties and other taxes on the import and export of goods, and the correct determination of the classification, value and origin of the aforesaid goods. The agreement is also designed to facilitate mutual assistance in preventing and fighting against customs offenses, including the investigation thereof and the prosecution of the perpetrators. The agreement authorizes the customs authorities on both sides to files requests for assistance and to engage in mutual and technical cooperation. The agreement is subject to ratification and will enter into effect 30 days after the conclusion of the ratification process on both sides.

4. A declaration regarding archival documents: This is a bilateral declaration to the effect that 139,544 historic documents and photographs from before and after World War II will be electronically transferred to Israel. The documents will enable a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and crimes against humanity. This is a joint initiative of the Argentinian Foreign Ministry and the US Holocaust Museum.

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